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Jinan Shenquan Educational Technology Co., Ltd.

Jinan Shenquan Educational Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2016, the registered capital is 10 million. Based on the integration of educational resources into the business development mode, relying on the resource advantages of the group company system and the external cooperation units, the core of Internet + e-business is to carry out school enterprise cooperation, and to carry out the employment training and output business of the high-speed rail crew and air crew on the basis of the group's external cooperative business. The company has cooperated with Shandong Agricultural Engineering College, Jinan Vocational and Technical College, Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College and other colleges and universities in building specialties and apprenticeship, and achieved good results for enterprises, students, schools and the government. Combining with the advantages of the group company's foreign cooperation business resources, we carry out pre-job training and employment export business with Jinan Railway Administration and Shandong Airlines for high-speed railway and air crew posts. The company insists on the mode of recruiting on demand and training on orders, and equips training teachers and coaches strictly according to the requirements of corresponding positions, so as to realize seamless docking between teaching and training contents and employment positions. The company has been adhering to the customer demand as the core, through high quality, dedicated service has won the trust and praise of many enterprises, schools and students, and gradually established a good image of the company in Jinan City and surrounding areas.

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