Shandong Rose TownInvestment Management Co., Ltd.

Shandong Rose Town Investment Management Co., Ltd. is an investment management company of Shandong Jinze Industrial Group. It is the investment and financing platform and main operator of Pingyin Rose Town. On January 6, 2017, Shandong Province issued the Notice on Publishing the New Pilot List of Small and Medium-sized Cities and the Creation List of Characteristic Towns (No. 16 of Lu Zheng Office). Rose Town in Pingyin County was included in the first list of provincial characteristic towns.
Rose Town is positioned on the basis of rose industry, tourism industry development as the orientation, good ecological environment and folk religion culture as the resource basis, leisure vacation as the core, highlighting the distinct characteristics of Pingyin "Rose Town", and creating industrial agglomeration, ecological sightseeing, leisure vacation, educational expansion, religious literature. Regional comprehensive development projects with integration of culture and folklore experience, interaction of production, life and ecology, and cooperation of industry, tourism, livability and commerce. Rose Town has a planned area of 5 square kilometers and a core construction area of 1 square kilometers. It relies on the rose industry and guides the development of tourism industry, so as to realize the promotion of dual industries of industry and tourism. The town mainly constructs seven sections: Happy E Valley leisure tourism area, Rose E-commerce industrial park, Shenquan education base, wedding cultural and performing arts experience area, Huzhuang religious and cultural experience area, urban functional development area and comprehensive service area.
In order to accelerate the planning and construction of Rose Town, the company signed a quadripartite cooperation agreement with the people's government of Pingyin County, CITIC Guoan Investment Co., Ltd. and Federal Reserve Securities Co., Ltd. to set up a development fund for Pingyin Rose Town with a total scale of 10 billion yuan, and with China Aerospace Construction Group, Yuanda Residential Workers, Tujia and Mawei. Yiyi and Taiwan Camping Association have reached cooperation agreements, striving to build Rose Town into a new business card of Pingyin in five years.
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