Shandong Shenquan Shengmu Mountain Eco-agriculture Co., Ltd.

Shandong Shenquan Shengmu Mountain Eco-agriculture Co., Ltd.  is Shandong Jinze Industrial Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary company, founded in June 2016. The company is registered in Pingyin County, the hometown of Rose and Ajiao. Its business scope covers the development of agricultural tourism projects, leisure tourism, crop and agricultural products planting, processing and marketing, and the management of tourist attractions.
At present, the company manages and operates Pingyin Notre Dame Mountain Begonia Garden (AAA level). According to statistics, there are 35 kinds of Begonia in the world, 25 kinds in China, and 21 kinds of Begonia in Notre Dame Mountain, such as Xifu Begonia, Begonia pendulata, Begonia papaya, Begonia pedunculata, etc. Every spring when the flowers blossom, white like snow, pink like Xia, bright red like brocade, beautiful, graceful, luxurious, attracting a large number of tourists linger forget to return. Begonia Garden has been awarded "National Demonstration Zone of Ecological Construction", "National AAA Scenic Area", "Highlights Project of Comprehensive Agricultural Development in Shandong Province", "Top Ten Scenic Spots in Jinan City". It has become a bright business card of Pingyin Tourism and the back garden of Jinan City.
In the top-level design of group strategic planning, Shandong Shen Quan San Mu Shan Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. will take the idea of "agriculture + Internet + Leisure Tourism", and strive to create a distinctive ecological agriculture pastoral complex, so as to integrate the development of health care, leisure tourism, green finance and ecological agriculture innovation, and become the Shandong eco agriculture. The development of the industry injects new vitality.
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