Shandong Angli Basic Education Technology Co., Ltd.

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 I. School Profile:

"Only" belongs to Shanghai Only Education and Training Co,Ltd. Over the past 34 years, it has deduced the well-known brand of "Only Education" in the education and training industry. At present, there are nearly 150 campuses in Shanghai and more than 1,000 schools in China. The educational products cover kindergartens, primary schools, middle school students, foreign languages and other general subjects. More quality products (piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, scientific and technological innovation, sports, etc.) help K12 students grow up remarkably in an all-round way. With innovative products, high-quality teaching and thoughtful service, we can meet the people's desire for excellence in education.

Nowadays,Only Education focuses on the development of basic education in China, focusing on the field of K12, becoming an expert in the growth of young children's education. At present, there are nearly 5,000 formal employees, more than 2,000 full-time teachers, and a complete teaching and research and service system. In 2014, Only Education, through asset restructuring, injected into listed companies as a whole, ushered in a new development opportunity.

Shandong Only Basic Education Technology Co, Ltd is a joint venture of Shandong Jinze Group and Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group. It mainly provides pre-school and primary and secondary school students with quality after-school counseling and skills training. Aiming at the actual needs of students, Only children rely on the education and teaching experts of the "Second Curriculum Reform" to conduct in-depth research in the fields of language, mathematics, English disciplines, convergence between primary and secondary schools, interest cultivation and examination certification, and develop a variety of practical courses to help students improve comprehensively and effectively in many fields, so as to realize us.“ Help children to take the exam with the least time, enough time to improve their competitiveness in the future! School objectives.

Shandong Only Basic Education Science and Technology Co., Ltd upholds the concept of "quality education". Education should not only achieve the goal of education, but also attach importance to children's learning and feelings from the people-oriented point of view, so as to achieve the best learning effect. In addition to regular on-the-job teaching training for teachers, more emphasis is laid on "love, patience and responsibility" education. A wonderful lesson should be based on love. Teachers should not only pursue the scientificity, artistry and interest of class teaching, but also pay attention to the needs of children, the main body of teaching.

2. Opening projects:

1、Doremi English

According to children's physical, mental, social cognitive and language development ability, we innovatively make Language-Thinking-Art design concept, integrate thinking development, art and language into English teaching, so as to cultivate high-quality bilingual children.

1)Optimum Resources: Enjoy the high quality teaching resources of Shanghai Headquarters;

2)Excellent Class: 8 mini-classes, give babies more chances to open their mouths, and ensure the quality of the classroom;

3)Interactive classroom: Multimedia interactive whiteboard + TPR whole body reaction teaching method, fully mobilize enthusiasm;

4)Multiple Intelligence: Classroom integrates music, painting, sports, nature and other elements to develop multiple intelligences;

5)Splendid activities: picture book reading, creative letters or words graffiti, hand-made, etc., to stimulate children's creativity;

6)Careful services: after-school exclusive VIP Wechat group service, full tracking; voice homework, one-to-one evaluation; children's classroom performance and excellent moments to share with parents in a timely manner.

Angli Basic Education

2Chinese Classics and Recitation

Through the education of reading classics and the accumulation of reading, children can develop good reading habits, develop their intelligence, memory and comprehension, improve their autonomous learning ability, and comply with the requirements of comprehensive reform from childhood to college entrance examination. At the same time, classical lectures can help children shape sound personality and conduct, cultivate children to establish correct outlook on life and values, and lay a good foundation for their life growth and development.

3Calligraphy, Chinese Painting

The study of calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting can cultivate students' good artistic aesthetic taste, observation and patience. Through the edification of traditional culture and skills, we can also cultivate sentiment and self-cultivation. Moreover, combined with the current reform system of the entrance examination, students who are interested in traditional skills are more likely to stand out in future entrance examination.

4Private School Classes of Chinese Traditional Studies

Through the education and guidance of private school classes, let students start from the dribs and drabs of life, develop good living habits, understand the courtesy of getting along with others, and become a popular good child.

Curriculum System

5Abacus mental arithmetic

The basis of abacus mental arithmetic is to master the technology of abacus mental arithmetic skillfully, train students to establish clear brain abacus in the brain as soon as possible, and realize the leap from static "static" image to movable "moving" brain abacus mental arithmetic. As a kind of mental enlightenment tool, abacus mental arithmetic can improve children's hand-eye coordination ability, attention, observation, memory and analysis ability. Through the training of abacus mental arithmetic, the development of children's brain is promoted as well as the development of children's psychology and intelligence.

Abacus mental arithmetic


STEM education is the abbreviation of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It focuses on cultivating students' innovative spirit, innovative thinking and innovative skills. The greatest purpose of STEM education is to return to nature, find problems and solve problems in play, and make children feel comfortable and happy psychologically and seize their interests. And create conditions for them to realize creative ideas and bold freedom. The characteristics of STEM education:

1Stimulate children's curiosity;

2To cultivate teenagers' practical ability;

3To guide cooperation among peers;

4Exercise the ability of teenagers to solve practical problems.


7Junior and primary school cohesion and after-school counseling

The Junior-Child Linkage Course provides children with knowledge reserve, including Pinyin, Mathematics, Literacy, Reading, Writing, etc. It not only helps children to reserve the necessary basic knowledge for school, but also develops children's image thinking and learning ability from all aspects and angles, cultivates children's interest in learning, lets children learn to learn and love learning. We aim at helping children to understand themselves correctly, developing good classroom habits, guiding and paying attention to them pertinently, making them understand courtesy and etiquette, helping them better integrate into the primary school campus, and making them confident, generous and welcomed by teachers and students.

After-school tutoring and homework corrections and comments are interrelated. Through after-school tutoring, students' learning deficiencies can be found. It helps children review old knowledge, preview new knowledge, develop good learning habits, exercise children's ability to learn independently, master children's learning habits comprehensively, provide targeted learning guidance and improve learning. Efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Recruitment target: 3-12 years old

4. Campus Address:

Campus 1: Third Floor of Waiting Room of No. 88 Terminal Station, Zhonggong Town, Licheng District, Jinan City

Campus 2: Sixth Floor, No. 9 Haixinlongao, Jinan High-tech Zone

5. Contact information: Teacher Geng: 13335186608

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