Shandong Jinze Duwei International Education Exchange Co., Ltd.

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Established in October 2014, Shandong Jinze Dewey International Education Exchange Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan Hi-tech Development Zone. The company mainly focuses on introducing international education and training high-end talents. The company has established cooperative or collaborative relationships with more than ten colleges and universities such as Project 985 and Project 211 in China. In line with the needs of the development of senior managerial talents in enterprises of all trades and professions, it has trained a large number of high-level applied managerial elites for local financial senior management, enterprise president, real estate business enterprises and institutions.
The company cooperates with Dewey College in Canada, and through Dewey College, it jointly develops "University Direct Train" and "Graduate Preparatory" projects with the University of Toronto, Cabrine College, Columbia University and Winniburg. The company transports high school students to Dewey College, of which more than 60% can be admitted by the University of Toronto, which has become a bridge to world famous universities. By 2019, the company has expanded international cooperative educational exchanges and study abroad programs between China and the United States, China, Britain, China and Canada, China and Germany, China, Australia, China and South Korea.
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