Shandong Nanyang Angli Educational Development Co., Ltd.

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1. Company Profile

Shanghai Jiaotong University is one of the oldest and well-known institutions of higher learning in China and abroad. It is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education and co-established with Shanghai. After 122 years of unremitting efforts, Shanghai Jiaotong University has become a "comprehensive, research-oriented, internationalized" first-class domestic and internationally renowned university.

shanghai jiao tong university

As one of the listed companies of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai New Nanyang Ongli Educational Technology Co., Ltd. is the first education and training company listed on board A in China. Relying on the advantages of Shanghai Jiaotong University in scientific research, education, talents and information, it focuses on Vocational education, K12 education, international education, preschool education and higher education. In the field of end management training, it is one of the largest and best educational service providers in China.

Relying on the advantages of Shanghai Jiaotong University in scientific research, education, personnel and information, the company actively explores the road of education and training services and industrialization of high-tech achievements. After continuous business adjustment and development, the company has formed a business framework with education and training as the core. It has set up six business departments: vocational education, international education, K12 education, early childhood education, capital management and investment, and comprehensive business.

In December 2017, Shandong Nanyang Ongli Education Development Co., Ltd. was invested to develop vocational education business in Shandong and its surrounding provinces.

2、Corporate culture

Shandong Nanyang Ongli Education Development Co., Ltd. adheres to the enterprise mission of "education pays back to society, win-win and create the future". With the vision of "building a complete lifelong education industry chain, casting the dream of China's education flying", it concentrates on the diploma education and non-diploma training of lifelong education.

3、Business Overview

Shandong Nanyang Ongli Education Development Co., Ltd. relies on the superior resources of Jiaotong University in the past 100 years, focusing on the integration of industry and education, school-enterprise cooperation and School-School cooperation in Vocational education, and carrying out professional co-construction with applied undergraduate and vocational colleges, training base co-construction and mixed ownership secondary college reform. At the same time, the company relies on the Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group Teacher Training College, International Finance Research Institute, Jiaotong University Education Group Cadre Education College and other business platforms to carry out all-round services, such as teacher training, cadre training, international financial training, industry enterprise training, and short-term training for college students.

4、School-enterprise cooperation business

1、Professional co-construction

The specialty of school-enterprise cooperation aims at serving the local industry and delivers all kinds of talents in urgent need for the industry. According to the national strategy of Made-in-China 2025 to plan and upgrade finance and service industry, combined with the academic advantages of Shanghai Jiaotong University in engineering, business, finance and other disciplines, as well as various resources of German vocational education, the four major groups are based on the specialty groups of intelligent manufacturing, information, automotive engineering and modern service. Basically, according to the needs of different places, the setting of directional specialty should be set up.

Four Major Groups

2.Co-construction of Secondary Colleges

Co-construction of School-Enterprise Cooperation

3、Integration of Industry and Education

Integration of Industry and Education

       4.International certification

International Certification System

5、High-end training business

1、training for teachers

The company relies on Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group Teachers'College for Further Education as a business platform to build various levels of education and training business with different contents.

Teacher Training Site

The Teacher Training College of Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group aims to gather forces from all walks of life, integrate international vision and traditional wisdom, face up to the practice of contemporary education reform in China, and provide education leaders and teachers training, quality assessment, development planning, school trusteeship and education for all kinds of schools at all levels of general education and Vocational education. Forum, scientific research support, curriculum development, cultural construction, characteristic project building, school information management and other omni-directional services.

2、Cadre Training and Education

The cadre training education relies on the Cadre Education Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group. Adhering to the tenet of "learning from facts and practicing business" of Jiaotong University and Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group for one hundred years, the College of Cadre Training of Jiaotong University Education Group follows the law of cadre growth, follows the law of cadre growth, traces the frontier of world science and technology development, absorbs advanced experience of governing countries, and draws lessons from modern business administration and talent management. We should design, develop and cultivate cadre education and training courses and practice bases to meet the requirements of deepening reform in an all-round way, highlight the school-running philosophy and spiritual character of Jiaotong University in the past 100 years, and strive to build a modern and international first-class cadre education and training and service platform.

Characteristics of School-running Training

3、International Finance Training

International Training

4、Game animation training

The training of game animation relies on Nanyang Animation College of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Located in Xuhui Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University, the college inherits the centuries-old tradition of Jiaotong University's "high starting point, strong foundation, strict requirements, emphasis on practice and innovation", upholds the quality policy of "rigorous, pragmatic and innovative", and constantly explores and develops the training mode of digital art talents to meet social needs and undertake social education. Responsibility. Build the highest level of digital education institutions in China, and cultivate the pillars needed by contemporary society.

College specializes in high-end digital art skills education, training high-end design talents with international, creative and skilled combination of digital art. Over the years, the College has introduced advanced international teaching resources, and opened related industries such as animation, animation CG, late stage of film and television, film and television advertising, cartoon, etc. The Institute has trained nearly 10,000 high-level digital art talents successively. College graduates have gradually transformed into the rising backbone of the film and television animation industry;

As a national first-class digital art talent training base, the college has signed talent cooperation agreements with nearly 100 enterprises and established professional project training base, which effectively guarantees the employment of students. Excellent graduates are mainly distributed in dazzling cartoon, film group, Jinshan, Fanwei, Taomi, Shuimu animation, CCTV, and other well-known animation and game enterprises.

5、Information Security Professional Training

Information security professional training is carried out in cooperation with Tianrongxin education, relying on Tianrongxin's strong technical strength and rich industry experience in the field of information security, in-depth analysis of the employment needs of relevant enterprises and the direction of technological development, leading the new trend of information security vocational education and training.

Training process

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