Shandong Shenquan Advanced Institute of Technology

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1. General Situation of Schools
Shandong Shenquan Senior Technical School and Shandong Shenquan Vocational Training College were approved and established by Shandong Human Resources and Social Security Department. Enterprises run schools and are supported by the state. The school was recognized as a provincial key technical school in 2011. In 2017, it will carry out strategic cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University. It will cooperate in the fields of transportation, intelligent manufacturing, aircraft engine and civil aviation.
The school draws on the American Shenquan College's school-running philosophy, takes root in the excellent traditional Chinese culture, develops the quality education based on students'morality, upholds the principle of educating students first, and pays attention to the improvement and cultivation of students' future entrance courses and professional skills. At present, the school runs classes in senior high schools, skill-based classes and order-based employment colleges. In addition, it also runs classes for arts entrance examinations in famous schools such as Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts and Central Academy of Fine Arts.
At present, the school has two campuses, the south campus is located in the famous scenic spot Zhonggong Town Haijie East Head, the north campus is located in Jinan Weishi Road 52, is the school e-commerce, computer professional entrepreneurship training park. The new campus under construction in 2017 is located in the scenic spot of Notre Dame Mountain in Pingyin, Jinan City. It is co-constructed by Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group and Shandong Jinze Group. The future Shenquan is positioned at the international and domestic famous schools and the training of high-end employment talents. The future Shenquan is colorful. Welcome people from all walks of life to guide us!
II. School-running Characteristics
1. The idea of educating people is people-oriented and moral education is the first.
In recent years, the school has fully absorbed and drawn lessons from the concept of "labor, academy, autonomy" of Shenquan College in the United States, and integrated the excellent traditional Chinese culture into the process of educating people. It has established the school motto of "respecting morality, learning, excellence and gratitude"; adhering to the principle that life is education, it pays attention to the subject of education in every link of school life. The realization of the target, the establishment of "filial piety, loyalty, faith" as the core of the moral values, clearly defined the three concepts that students cultivate in school, "filial piety, respect for teachers, cherish life; patriotism, patriotism, devotion to work and group; honesty, trustworthiness, self-discipline and altruism". Adults first, then talents, this is a high profile of the school graduates'eligibility criteria.
2. Moistening the heart of traditional culture;
In the process of education, the classics of Chinese classics "University", "Disciples'Regulations", "Changli Jieyao" and "Lai Fan Si Xun" are permanent courses; the reading club of Minglun Guoxue Society attracts a large number of students; the classics such as the Analects of Confucius, the Doctrine of the Mean and Zhu Zi's Rule of Family are recited repeatedly; the classics of Mongolian Learning are set up in the specialty of preschool education.  "Book of Rites" and "Children's Bible Reading Education" and other courses with special features; the study of Chinese classics has fostered the students'kindness, nourished their hearts, and corrected everyone's ethics and morality. In addition, every student in our school will attend the "Quality of Life Improvement Training Camp" after enrollment, focusing on 5-7 days of traditional culture learning and education, there are countless students who are tired of learning and rebellious through the training camp to realize their own problems, clear learning objectives, and find the direction of life.
3. Professional construction has achieved remarkable results.
According to the actual needs of local economy and the development of investor enterprises, the school offers e-commerce, computer application technology, hotel service and management, automobile detection and maintenance technology, nursing, early childhood education, marketing and other specialties.
Among them, e-commerce specialty relies on the brothers such as Shenquan Question, Good Products Business and Treasure Mall under the Group to carry out school-enterprise cooperation, realizing situational teaching, integration of theory and practice teaching and case-based practical teaching, so as to enable students to understand e-commerce, operate network marketing platform, develop customer service and realize online sales in actual combat. At the same time, it has the ability of independent entrepreneurship. North Campus currently focuses on e-commerce training simulation and business incubation, while developing skills training for college students, individual operators and entrepreneurs. As of January 2016, it has supported more than 80 start-up companies, ranking second in the Shandong Creator Space Selection in December 2015. In the future professional development plan of the school, the school will build a professional group with e-commerce as the core, including e-commerce, computer graphic design, computer application technology and business secretarial (copywriting planning), focusing on the combination of real economy and Internet plus, serving the regional economic construction in Shandong, especially in Ji'nan. Set up. Since 2015, we have carried out activities such as Pingyin Rose E-Commerce Festival and Shandong First E-Commerce Festival, and have taken the lead in building and operating the first "local museum" on the Beijing-East platform. At present, local libraries such as "Pingyin Hall", "Gaoqing Hall", "Lijin Hall" and "Jining Hall" have been organized and operated in the east of Beijing. They have cooperated with the governments and enterprises in these areas to train and transport e-commerce talents and provide a good guarantee for the employment of e-commerce and related professional students in our university.
In 2014, the Group participated in the investment and construction of Zibo Yanbang Automobile Service Co., Ltd. covering Volvo automobile sales exhibition hall, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi maintenance center. At present, the main practical teaching links of automobile maintenance and testing and automobile marketing specialty in our school are all completed there. Therefore, our automobile maintenance specialty is gradually positioned in High-end vehicle maintenance testing direction.
In addition, the school hotel service professional directional transport to Jinan West Passenger Station high-speed rail crew, at present from Jinan West Passenger Station to other directions of high-speed rail crew have a considerable number of trained transport in our school.
In the specialty of preschool education, the characteristics of Chinese traditional education in our school are particularly evident. First of all, we put the cultivation of love and patience in the first place. In addition to the unified curriculum of Chinese traditional education in our school, we have added some new ones.
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