Jinan Shenquan Foreign Language School

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Jinan Shenquan Foreign Language School is a 12-year-old boarding school approved by Jinan Education Bureau. It has elementary, junior, senior and international high school levels. In 2017, Shenquan College, the sponsor, carried out all-round strategic cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group, introducing high-quality educational resources to help the development of the school. At the same time, the school has established close cooperative relations with Canada, Australia, Britain, the United States, Japan and South Korea and other high schools and universities to introduce the international advanced curriculum with an open and inclusive attitude. The Department aims to cultivate international elites with "Chinese soul, international vision and world mind", realize the integration of different languages, cultures and ways of thinking between the East and the West, and build a solid bridge for students to lead to famous schools in China and the world.
Located in the scenic spot of Mount Notre Dame in Pingyin, Jinan, the school is surrounded by mountains on three sides and has fresh air. It occupies the most spectacular Catholic complex in China. The campus covers an area of 400 mu, with a greening area of nearly 300 mu and a building area of 85,000 square meters. All teaching places and student apartments are equipped with central air conditioning. Classrooms, plastic football courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, indoor swimming pools and sports venues adapted to the modern teaching mode are all available. The largest crabapple garden landscape in Jiangbei is about 200 mu. Located on the north side of the school, it is not only a beautiful scenery of the school, but also an educational park for students to read, entertain, experience farming and cultivate their body and mind in the morning. The whole school complex is European style. The main body of the building constitutes the core of Confucianism "benevolence" and "character". It implies that the school pays attention to the cultivation of students'moral character and advocates the Confucianism of benevolence and love, which also makes the school building environment have a more profound cultural connotation.
The school implements closed management, 24 hours and all-weather seamless management, guarantees students'safety and ease of study; at the same time, adhering to the school motto of "Chongde benevolence, profound learning", implements comprehensive quality education, obtains the "Shenquan Eight Education" characteristic education system protected by the State Copyright Administration, pays attention to students' personality, personality and human nature. Long, cultivate students'self-esteem, self-confidence, self-improvement quality, focusing on students' survival, life, life education, never forget the original intention of education, return to the essence of education. In subject teaching, we should adopt modern classroom teaching mode, encourage and inspire students to study independently, cultivate good learning habits, adopt small class teaching, class selection, interest guidance and other methods; at the same time, introduce the most advanced domestic intelligent teaching software, precise personalized guidance and practice, so as to truly teach students in accordance with their aptitude. Ensure that students achieve excellent academic performance and grow into "people" with outstanding wisdom.
With the eight-education system as its core, the school has built physical, chemical and biological science laboratories and book reading rooms, and has established curriculum bases of new energy, intelligent manufacturing, cosmology, life science, humanities, traditional ethnic skills and ecological agriculture, which provide brilliant opportunities for students to develop in an all-round way and improve their personality. Presented experience courses.
Teaching is the first step for the founding of the state and the people. In the report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC, priority should be given to the development of education, the implementation of the fundamental task of establishing morality and cultivating people, and the development of quality education. On the road to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Shenquan is willing to nurture Chinese children with the feeling of family and country with the heart of fist and naive son, and strive to meet the people's yearning for and pursuit of a better education!
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